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Fraude 2012

Fraude 2012


US concerned Mexico’s new president may go easy on drug cartels

US concerned Mexico’s new president may go easy on drug cartels

Enrique Peña Nieto is likely to shift focus from cross-border drug trafficking to crimes affecting ordinary Mexicans

Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexico’s new president Enrique Pena Nieto might allow drug cartels to go back to the old days of business as usual. Photograph: Reuters

Enrique Peña Nieto‘s victory in Mexico‘s presidential election amid a raging drug war opens a new and uncertain chapter in relations with the US. Some in Washington fear the return of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which ruled Mexico until 2000, will turn the clock back to an era of cosy deals with drug cartels and fraught relations with the gringos.

The new president, as is customary, will clean house, meaning replacing security officials from the outgoing administration of Felipe Calderon of the National Action Party (PAN) which had developed unusually close ties with US in terms of sharing intelligence and military cooperation. Peña Nieto is also expected to change Mexico’s focus from combating drug trafficking to curbing violent crime, kidnapping, extortion and robbery, issues which matter more to Mexicans than the flow of cocaine, cannabis and other drugs north through a 2,000 mile border.

Michael McCaul, a Texas lawmaker who sits on the House’s Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, on Monday articulated concerns, which others in Washington murmur privately, about the new man to sit on the eagle’s throne. “While he has stated publicly he is committed to the security of his country against the drug cartels, I am hopeful that he will not return to the PRI party of the past which was corrupt and had a history of turning a blind eye to the drug cartels.”

It reflected worry that after six years of mayhem costing more than 50,000 lives – a bloodbath triggered by Calderon’s military-led campaign against cartels – Mexicans have turned to a party which bought relative peace in previous decades by letting the cartels get on with business. After all, say many Mexicans, why should they pay the price for a US drug habit?

Pena Nieto has a democratic endorsement to shift Mexico’s limited resources to combatting street crime. His shuffling of the federal police and Centre for Research and National Security, Mexico’s main intelligence agency, will also disrupt institutional ties with their US counterparts, with whom they have built up trust despite fiascos such as the The Fast and Furious gun-running sting operation.

“Policymakers on both sides of the border must prepare for this thorny transition in order to mitigate its impact on their shared struggle against organized crime,” Pamela Starr, director of the US-Mexico Network, wrote in a Foreign Affairs article. “Potentially most challenging is the PRI’s reputation for corruption and history of tolerance for politicians suspected of working with organized crime.”

Pena Nieto sought to allay concerns in his victory speech. “Let it be very clear: There will be no deal, no truce with organised crime,” he said. In June, in apparent nod to Washington, he chose as security adviser Oscar Naranjo, a Colombian police general who worked closely with US officials in Bogota. For better or worse the drug war’s main dynamics are likely to continue.

In an email interview with the Guardian, Starr added that the new president, known by his initials, will be circumscribed by a lack of majority in Mexico’s congress. “This means that passing legislation will likely take time, that EPN’s proposals will be changed/watered-down in the process, and that the implementation process will be similarly fraught with democratic detours that will inevitably complicate cross-border security cooperation.”

Mexico election runner-up dismisses Pena Nieto victory as ‘fraudulent’

Mexico election runner-up dismisses Pena Nieto victory as ‘fraudulent’

The runner-up in Mexico’s presidential election has rejected the “fraudulent” victory of rival Enrique Pena Nieto, raising the spectre of protests that rocked Mexico City when he lost six years ago.

The runner-up in Mexico's presidential election late Monday rejected the

Enrique Pena Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party Photo: AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

6:37AM BST 03 Jul 2012


When Lopez Obrador lost the 2006 presidential election by less than one per cent he claimed fraud, and organised mass protests that virtually paralysed Mexico City for more than a month.

The first official results from Sunday’s vote showed Lopez Obrador from the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) with 31 per cent of the vote against 38 per cent for Pena Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) – a much wider margin than six years ago.

“We cannot accept a fraudulent result, nobody can accept that,” Lopez Obrador said at a press conference, decrying Sunday’s vote as a “filthy … national embarrassment.”

The PRI was synonymous with the Mexican state as it governed for seven decades until 2000 using a mixture of pervasive patronage, selective repression, rigged elections and widespread bribery.

Lopez Obrador claimed the PRI, through its national party and governors, spent millions of pesos buying votes. He also charged that the news media heavily favoured PRI candidates and that the party shattered campaign spending limits.

“We will provide evidence for these claims and will file appropriate legal action,” said Lopez Obrador, emphasising that he and his supporters will first scrutinise the balloting information with election officials.

He was coy about whether he would call for protests like in 2006. “We’re going to wait,” he told reporters.

Pena Nieto earlier said today’s PRI was a party that respected democracy.

“There is no return to the past. This PRI that is coming into office has proven its democratic conviction,” the 45 year-old virtual president told foreign reporters.

It seemed inconceivable 12 years ago that the PRI would be back in power soon, if ever. But after a spiralling drug war with Mexico’s powerful cartels in which more than 50,000 people have died during the presidency of Felipe Calderon, from the conservative National Action Party (PAN), handed the PRI a new chance to prove itself.

The economy grew under Calderon, but so did poverty: 47 per cent of 112 million Mexicans are poor, according to figures from the government, Latin America’s second biggest economy, closely tied to those of the United States and Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

During a call with Pena Nieto to congratulate him, US President Barack Obama “reiterated his commitment to working in partnership with Mexico” and promised to advance “common goals,” the White House said in a statement.

Those goals include “promoting democracy, economic prosperity and security in the region and around the globe,” the statement released in Washington said.

“If these results are confirmed … Pena Nieto will be named president elect, and starting December 1, will be the next president of the republic,” Calderon said just after the first official results were out.

Far behind in the initial results was Josefina Vazquez Mota from the unpopular Calderon’s PAN party with 25 per cent.

Pena Nieto said he will maintain Calderon’s unpopular strategy of using the military to attack the drug cartels and capture crime capos, but stressed that he also will focus on bringing down crime.

“Society clearly expects immediate short-term results … like lower crime and kidnapping rates,” Pena Nieto said.

An ex-governor of populous Mexico state, just west of the capital, Pena Nieto is married to glamorous soap opera star Angelica Rivera. He rose to power with help from family connections with powerful old guard PRI politicos and a savvy media team that carefully stage-managed his appearances.

Pena Nieto has promised public works like roads and bridges to increase employment.

Republican US senator John McCain of Arizona, bordering Mexico, tweeted “Congrats to Mexico’s new President-elect. Will be interesting to see how he approaches drug trafficking et other issues of mutual concern.”

Media projections indicate that the PRI will have a majority in both chambers of Congress. In the Senate, the PAN has the second largest number of legislators, while the PRD is second in the chamber of deputies

Protesta en Washington

Protesta en Washington

El pasado miércoles 4 de julio, día de la Independencia de los Estados Unidos, un grupo de mexicanos se manifestó en la ciudad de Washington, D.C., para expresar su inconformidad con el proceso electoral y la imposición de Enrique Peña Nieto como presidente de México.


La asociación de Mexicanos sin Fronteras convocó a los residentes en el área de Virginia, Maryland y Washington D.C. a manifestrarse contra el reciente fraude electoral de México. También demandaron que se aclare y se limpie la elección, así como el respeto a la legalidad que ha sido violentada por las mismas autoridades y el gobierno en complicidad con algunos medios de comunicación.


Protesta en Washington (foto:


Durante la protesta, los ciudadanos manifestaron su rechazo a la imposición de Enrique Peña Nieto como Presidente Constitucional contra la voluntad soberana del pueblo de México.


A continuación se muestra un video de la protesta en la Embajada de México en Washington:

Los ciudadanos que se manifestaron en Washington señalaron:


Estamos aquí frente a la embajada de México en Washington, D.C. para denunciar que en México se ha consumado un fraude electoral y una violación a las leyes y a la voluntad del pueblo mexicano.

Hemos luchado mucho tiempo para obtener nuestros derechos políticos como mexicanos en el extranjero y el hacer uso de ellos nos obliga también a defender nuestro voto.

Creemos que las elecciones no han sido limpias, que ha habido un fraude. Hay suficientes evidencias y testimonios que así lo indican, por lo que el día de hoy los mexicanos en Washington exigimos lo siguiente:

1. Que se cuente el 100% de las casillas electorales voto por voto. No estamos de acuerdo en que se haga un recuento parcial.

2. No vamos a aceptar nunca la imposición de un candidato que no a ha sido elegido por el pueblo. No vamos a reconocer nunca a Enrique Peña Nieto como presidente legítimo de México.

3. Estamos haciendo un llamado a los jóvenes, a los estudiantes, al pueblo de México para que se movilice en pleno uso de nuestros derechos constitucionales basándonos principalmente en el artículo 39. Llamamos a que se movilice todo el pueblo, no están solos, cuentan con nuestra solidaridad y no descansaremos hasta que se haga justicia, hasta que se limpie la elección.

Hacemos un llamado a los gobiernos y a los pueblos del mundo para que no reconozcan lo que el pueblo de México no ha reconocido.

Invitamos a los mexicanos que viven en Europa y en todas partes del mundo a que levanten sus protestas y su voz contra el fraude.


Otos miembros de la manifestación expresaron:


Nosotros también somos 132 y no vamos a aceptar que haya otra represión como ha habido en años anteriores en México. Hay muchos ojos en el mundo esperando que se respete esta votación.

Yo como salvadoreña apoyo a mis amigos y amigas mexicanas porque he vivido estos fraudes en mi país y con la fuerza y con la unión hemos logrado el cambio.

No aceptamos ni aceptaremos este fraude que se ha dado en México. Es asquerosa la posición que ha tomado la televisión y esa mafia que nos está robando a México de las manos.

Estoy aquí como estadounidense para dar todo mi apoyo al pueblo mexicano y ojalá podamos ver un futuro de democracia verdadera.


 México merece justicia y los ciudadanos del mundo la están exigiendo.

Equipo de Peña Nieto, demandado en EU por fraude

Equipo de Peña Nieto, demandado en EU por fraude

El empresario José Aquino acusa al secretario particular del candidato presidencial del PRI de utilizar un contrato de promoción televisiva firmado por su empresa, para obtener 56 millones de dólares de “procedencia desconocida”.

La empresa Frontera Television Networks había sido contratada para hacer una campaña de promoción de la imagen de Enrique Peña Nieto (der.) en EU.(Foto: Iván Stephens/ Cuartoscuro)
Junio 14, 2012 9:43 am


El secretario particular de Enrique Peña Nieto,Erwin Lino, y su coordinador de comunicación,David López, así como el vocero del PRI, Roberto Calleja, fueron demandados por la empresa estadounidense de televisión Frontera Television Network (FTN) ante una corte de California por“conspiración y fraude”, informa esta mañana el diario Reforma.

José Luis Ponce de Aquino, empresario méxico-estadounidense propietario de FTN, los acusa en su demanda radicada con el número EDCV 12-920 VAP DTBx de haber utilizado la firma de un contrato con su compañía para obtener “56 millones de dólares de procedencia desconocida”, los cuales fueron depositados en un solo día en una cuenta bancaria “en el Banco Monex, Banca Mifel en Virreyes”.

En la demanda judicial, Ponce de Aquino asienta que fue contratado por Alejandro Carrillo Gaza Sada, socio de la empresa Jiramos, SA de CV, para difundir y posicionar la imagen de Peña Nieto en Estados Unidos, proyecto que se había estimado en 56 millones de dólares.

“Los demandados retiraron el dinero y se lo dividieron con funcionarios del PRI y sus co-conspiradores David López, Erwin Lino, Alfredo/Pepe Carrillo Contkowsky, Roberto Calleja, Hugo Vigues y Luis Videgaray, y nunca fondearon el proyecto como se había prometido”, señala la demanda.

En la demanda también acusa a Alejandro Ramírez González, director del Consejo de Porcicultores Mexicanos, AC, y a Manuel Gascón de incumplimiento de contrato y fraude, al igual que a las compañías mexicanas GM Global Media, Jiramos y la sociedad civil Servicios Integrales al Sector Agropecuario (SISA).

Aquino señaló que estos personajes lo habían contratado como ‘broker’ para conseguir espacios publicitarios para promover al candidato a través de una campaña mediática en espectaculares, revistas, radio, televisión e internet.

El empresario explicó que la campaña nunca se realizó pese a la firma de los contratos que lo garantizaba y asegura que  aunque solicitó le devolvieran los documentos que firmó, hasta ahora  se lo han negado. En la demanda se establece que Jiramos recibió los 56 millones de dólares, mismos que se repartieron entre los demandados.

Mexican Election Officials Confirm Presidential Victory

Mexican Election Officials Confirm Presidential Victory


MEXICO CITY — Completing a partial recount nearly a week after Mexicans went to the polls, election officials on Friday confirmed thatEnrique Peña Nieto had won the nation’s presidential election.

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Mr. Peña Nieto, the candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, won 38 percent of the vote, with the leftist candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, receiving 32 percent. Josefina Vázquez Mota, of the conservative party, got 25 percent.

The final results were in line with the preliminary count reported shortly after polls closed on Sunday, but Mr. López Obrador, who in 2006 lost by a sliver to the current president, Felipe Calderón, is claiming fraud, citing news media and social media reports of vote-buying, and calling for a total recount.

“More and more, we have elements that support the hypothesis that the presidential election was bought by those who do not want change in our country,” Mr. López Obrador said Friday.

During a news conference he held Thursday, the lectern was covered with prepaid gift cards that he said PRI supporters had handed out to voters to secure their votes.

Mr. López Obrador will have until Thursday to submit a formal complaint to the Federal Electoral Tribunal, which has the power to annul federal elections, though it has never done so.

In addition to the accusations by Mr. López Obrador and his Party of the Democratic Revolution, young people protested on the streets of Mexico City on Monday. “We demand that it be recognized that there was a fraud,” said Gael Aguilar, 20, one of the students chanting anti-Peña Nieto slogans during the march.

The students said they were planning a “national megamarch” on Saturday.

Several videos purporting to show shoppers using gift cards like the ones that were displayed on Mr. López Obrador’s lectern have begun circulating on YouTube. PRI officials dismissed the accusations as a farce orchestrated by Mr. López Obrador and his supporters and threatened to report the matter to the attorney general.

Mr. Peña Nieto’s victory signals the return of the autocratic PRI, which governed Mexicofor 71 years, until 2000. But it was not the resounding victory that polls had predicted in the months leading up to the election, some of which had forecast a 15-percentage-point margin.

Manifestantes tiran vallas y lanzan objetos al Tribunal

Manifestantes tiran vallas y lanzan objetos al Tribunal

Los manifestantes lanzan huevos, limones, botellas y basura contra la sede del Tribunal Electoral, que se encuentra resguardada por elementos de la Policía Federal.

Elementos de la Policía Federal resguardan la sede del Tribunal luego de que las vallas fueran derribadas. Foto: Guillermo Perea/ Cuartoscuro
Redacción AN
Agosto 30, 2012 9:36 pm


Un grupo de aproximadamente 500 manifestantes que se encuentra afuera de la sede del Tribunal Electoral del Poder Judicial de la Federación (TEPJF) tiró esta noche las vallas que fueron colocadas frente a la entrada de la sede.

Con gritos de “¡revolución, revolución!” y “¡fraude, fraude!”, protestan luego de conocer el proyecto de sentencia de los magistrados del TEPJF, que plantea desechar el juicio de inconformidad del Movimiento Progresista, que demandó que la elección presidencial fuera invalidada.

La protesta provocó la salida de elementos de la Policía Federal que se encontraban dentro del inmueble. En este momento, el grupo resguarda la sede del órgano electoral formados en tres filas.

Los manifestantes arrojan toda clase de objetos al edificio y algunos a los policías. “Ni un paso atrás”, arengan.

El contingente, integrado principalmente por simpatizantes del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional, estudiantes identificados con el movimiento #Yosoy132, miembros del Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas y el Frente Nacional contra la Imposición, ha ido creciendo con el paso de las horas, pues al mediodía sólo había aproximadamente 100 manifestantes, a los que se han sumado otros cientos en el transcurso de la tarde y noche.

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